About Us

Ant Data Systems PG is a 100% Papua New Guinean owned Information Technology Business. Our market niche is Enterprise Resource Planning systems for SME.


We exist to provide robust sturdy Business Systems them have good business logic and are cost effective.


To change and enhance the way Small to Medium Enterprise operates in Papua New Guinea, by giving them solid enterprise level Information and Accounting Systems that integrate business activities and streamline workflows. Ultimately we want to bring SME’s stability, enable and facilitate their continuity, and give them capability to grow.  

Our Specialization

Our niche is bringing Enterprise Resource Planning systems to market.

What is an ERP? ERP systems in a nutshell, for SME’s, will bring together various loosely coupled systems that SME’s may have and integrate them into a more efficient system. ERP’s are systems that can manage various facets of most if not all SME business types. They interconnect various systems and work processes via a Core Accounting system that sits at its backbone.

Process integration examples

  • Staff attendance -> HR -> Salaries and Wages Ledger ->payroll – Bank
  • Ordering Stock -> Inventory -> Sale -> EFTPOS
  • Stock -> Inventory -> Web catalogue -> Customer Orders -> Online Payment 
  • Quote -> sale lead-> invoice –> Creditors account –> income GL -> Bank -> GL -> TAX GL -> end of year Tax return

Entities types we are capable of supporting

  • NGO’s
  • Service, Goods retail
  • Manufacturing (Manufacturing Resource Planning)
  • Education (student and campus management) 
  • Agriculture land resource planning (with Export integration)

Chose us for reliability and ease of use

The bulk of the systems we deploy and can manage & Support are written for distribution on GNU/Linux based systems. Linux systems are renowned for stability, good security and speed. One of the biggest benefits of hosting on Linux is the cost. We use operating systems that have no licensing fees and are enterprise ready.

The solutions we offer are very light weight. This means we can host a system within a normal 64 bit windows desktop PC and deploy to your whole office to access the data. These are known as virtualised systems. One of the biggest benefits of our virtualised systems is they are, for the most part plug and play. After they are set up and you don’t need to go through the process of learning a whole new computer operating system and the unnecessary learning curves.

Not only can we deploy on Small Office Home Office scale, we can also deploy or migrate a SOHO system onto Private Cloud HA Clusters or Public Cloud Solutions

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